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From me to you… Did you ever find your self smiling out of pure joy just from seeing your little ones playing and hugging their loved toys? I do!

Did you ever find your self smiling out of pure joy just from seeing your little ones playing and hugging their loved toys? I do! Giving your little guys the chance to play in a fun way with softies they’ll cherish for a long time its a satisfaction for you and my personal goal.

I want to make soft toys and design beautiful decorative pieces that you can incorporate in your life, house, nursery room,… – things that would mean something special in their childhood. The kind of illustrations, pieces and toys you would keep and treasure for later on to remember!

I like things that are well made – with heart & soul – and can last a lifetime!

My collections are made with extra care and love in limited numbers and some are one-of-a-kind handmade creations that can be fully customized just for you.

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I’m always amazed at all the kind words I receive from many of my customers – and to them, I want to send a very special Thank you! You make my day!

She fell in love with Ernesto!!! That will be her big Christmas gift this year! Thank you for always making beautiful heirloom quality dolls! Fans for life!

Delightful! Obviously made with love, the baby doll I purchased is small the perfect size for a little girl to treasure

Thank you for the lovely little cushion. It is very sweet. It’s in my daughter’s room – she is eight months old and gives it a little kiss before sleep.

Completely sweet and lovely! Well made and so unexpectedly unique!

Darling design and wonderful quality. My almost-three-year-old daughter loves it in her bedroom.

Another special thank you to all the lovely places where my work and products have been mentioned, just to mention a few, Bloesem, Babyology, Babyccino Kids, Mollie Makes magazine, KID Independent… They are all listed here.

A little about my story…

For me, I guess it all started because I’m a daydreamer. I graduated in Visual Design but deep inside I knew that a conventional career, drawing other people’s dreams, was not my path. I needed something more creative and colorful since I couldn’t help to have my dreams always filled with small characters bursting to get alive.

When my daughter was born my passion for kids’ design completely overflooded me and I started paying even more attention to some products, to the picture storybooks – that I was already collecting since I was a little girl (and luckily my parents saved them for me).

Some of the issues I’ve experienced while being a mother – food-related for example – surely you must know how sometimes meal times can be so frustrating…
And my own little girl had a huge influence on my work today.

Definitely, this is a lifelong passion! My work is the result of my passion for good design, illustration, children’s storybooks, fabrics and handmade techniques

I believe my pieces appeal to both kids and parents who also care for good design and look for illustrations and handmade custom-designed toys that their children can love for life.

And I mean, the kid’s task is not complicated 🙂 PinkNounou’s toys are really easy to love with their strong colors and nice details. These toys enhance children’s creativity and help their parents play with them.

I’m really committed to giving my customers the best shopping experience and some sweet unique illustrated goodies!

All the pieces are (hand)made in Portugal with great care and high-quality materials. I hope you enjoy them!

Ana Carriço
Ana Carriço



Pinknounou also uses her creativity in accepting project commissions to work with other brands, companies, retailers and manufacturers. And product licensing.


Children story books, wall art, stationary, notebooks, wrapping paper, editorial, packaging, home decor

Design Textil

Children’s toys, decor, children’s apparel, fabrics

Surface Design

Pattern design & Illustrations for stationary, home decor, homewares, children’s apparel, fabrics

Design Gráfico

Logos, business cards, flyers & brochures, image editing, website and blog layout design, packaging, party invitations and wedding stationary

Pinknounou soft toys in a book

We make dolls!

In 2011 I was invited to take part on a book about dolls – you can imagine how happy I was with that!
During several months Jenny Doh and I exchanged several emails – it was a pleasure working with her, she’s a sweet and enthusiastic lovely person It was a lot of work evolved along this process but it all went so smoothly!
We decided on what dolls would be better to be on the book and I started preparing them for the photo shoots – part by part, bit by bit… it all started to develop.
And then I made some photo sessions with the help of my most loved helpers – my daughter and my hubby – it was pure fun! Also had the help of photographer Catarina Zimbarra.
The next part was the interview – I happily answered.
Things begin to take shape and… in May 2012 the book was launched. I’m very proud of WE MAKE DOLLS book – it was the first, it was special and because it was a wonderful experience I hope maybe, who knows… I can be part of another one?…

We make Dolls

Pinknounou soft toy bunny in a commercial spot

Oreo spot “Bedtime”

So happy when I was contacted by the producers of the video spot for Oreo cookies, to have some of my soft toys appear as props in a commercial spot for an Oreo campaign.
Can you spot bunny Simao being lovely held by the little girl?! 🙂

My video entry for Marie Forleo B-School scholarship

B-School video

I’ve been following Marie Forleo for a while and I really love her inspiring advice, so when I knew she was offering scholarships for her next B-School course I immediately ran to make this video. We had so much fun doing it! And I was one of the lucky winners 🙂


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