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About PinkNounou

How PinkNounou get started?

I guess it all started because I’m a daydreamer. I graduated in graphic design but deep inside I knew that a conventional career, drawing other people’s dreams, was not my path. I needed something more creative and colorful since I couldn’t help to have my dreams always filled with small characters bursting to get alive.

Illustrated books also had a great influence in what I do today. I love illustrations and children’s storybooks since I was a little kid. My house is completely filled with books: I have the precious ones from my childhood (thank’s mom and dad for keeping them!) but also many others I can’t help buying from vintage shops and antique fairs.

At some point, my love for illustration meet my academic background and I started sketching and scribbling my own characters. First, there were cats and dogs, wolves and sheep, then many other little character dolls with stories and personalities of their own. One day (daydreaming again!) I thought: “It would be really nice if I could grab and hold my draws in my own hands”.
I picked fabrics with colorful patterns and turned my characters into real! That’s how my plush toys were born to live! Deep down, I think I always had a secret desire of changing the way the world looked, by adding a little color and fun! 😉

My collections are made with extra care and love in limited numbers and some are one-of-a-kind handmade creations that can be fully customized just for you.

I try to buy my supplies locally whenever that’s possible and all things are made in my country – Portugal.

Do you accept custom orders? Make special occasion gifts?

Yes – with pleasure! If you’re interested in a custom project please send an email with all your specifications.

Want to offer a special occasion handmade gift? Some products can be made in quantity (still with a low minimum order quantity) for you to use in your kids birthday party or in a baby shower or as wedding favors or even as corporate gifts.

I’d like to request your design / logo / illustration services – How do I do this?

It would be a pleasure to work with you – thanks! Please send an email with as much information as you can so that I can have the response that is better for you.

I’m getting married / it’s my kid’s birthday – Can you design my invitations?

Yes for sure! And I can also offer solutions for gifts or decorations.

Who should I contact If I have any questions?

Me, Ana – just email me.🙂 ana@pinknounou.com

How to order

How can I place my order?

Browse through the Shop and when you like something you want to buy just click on the “Add to Basket” button and continue shopping and adding products until you complete your purchase.

Some products have variations in their color, language or design. If so, select the one you want in the drop-down menu. Also, there are some with personalization options.

Review your order in the cart. Proceed to Checkout. If you have a coupon insert the code. Click “Checkout”. Fill out the form with your details. The shipping charges will now appear. Choose your payment method. Agree with the Terms and Place Order.
You will then receive an email confirming your order.

You need to choose your payment method:
. Bank transfer (only for EU countries)
. MBWAY (only for Portugal)
. Ref. Multibanco (only for Portugal)
. Paypal – you don’t need to have a Paypal account to use this service, just select the option to pay without an account.

Proceed with payment as instructed. You will then receive an email confirming your order.

A few days later, when your order is shipped you’ll receive an email with the tracking number (depending on the kind of mail and the country of destination).

What kind of payments do you accept?

Payments can be made by:
. Bank transfer (only for EU countries)
. MBWAY (only for Portugal)
. Ref. Multibanco (only for Portugal)
. Paypal – you don’t need to have a Paypal account to use this service, just select the option to pay without an account.

Prices are always per one item. Except when stated that the product is sold as a set.

How long will my order take?

Upon placing an order via my shop, you will receive an order confirmation email.

Orders are dispatched within 3 to 5 business days (usually less). with Covid-19 dispatch time can take longer than usual.

Once the order has been sent, a shipping confirmation email will be sent with the tracking number (if that’s the case).

If free shipping is offered orders are sent via Regular Mail (no tracking).

Estimated shipping times (not including the processing time to dispatch the order):

. Portugal – next business day
. Europe – about 3 to 5 business days
. Rest of the World – about 7 to 15 business days

Please understand that some delays might happen (sometimes with the Customs in your country) that are out of my reach, but if that is the case contact me and I’ll try to assist you. Also in busy seasons like Christmas mail takes longer.

These are estimated times we can not guarantee an exact date.
On some special dates like Christmas, it can take longer.
Due to the big disruptions caused by COVID-19 and shipping carrier delays, there’s a chance your package may not arrive on the estimated date. This is something out of my reach but feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank’s for your patience!

Do you ship worldwide? What shipping methods are available?

Yes * – with ♥ and a smile! 😉

Items are always shipped in Registered Mail or Blue Mail (it’s a priority mail) – with Tracking Number (in some countries the tracking service is not available).

Except when free shipping is offered, in this case, orders ship via Regular Mail.

You can follow the progress of your order by simply entering the tracking number on the site of the shipping service being used, in this case CTT – Correios de Portugal.

order is shipped from Portugal – EUROPE.

For more information about my shipping policies or prices please go here.
The exact shipping cost is calculated upon checkout before you submit payment and depends on the weight of your parcel.

For my shipping rates please go here.

If you’d like to send your order to an address other than your own it’s no problem. When you place your order, just let me know your delivery instructions. I’ll be happy to include a gift card with a short message that you would like written in it.

* Temporarily, for orders to the UK please go to my Etsy shop.

How can I return a product?

You can return a product within 14 days after receiving it. Please send me an email prior to sending it.

Items must be in their original packaging and in perfect, unused condition (damaged or unclean items will not be accepted).
You are responsible for the shipping of returned items back to PinkNounou (shipping charges on returned merchandise are at the customer’s expense).
Items lost in transportation will not be compensated for. For more information on Returns & Refunds please go here.

Note that defects in products, which are caused by incorrect use are not covered by the right of complaint.

Can I see the prices in other currencies?

Yes – prices are listed in EUROS but you can use a Currency Converter to have an idea of the price in your country’s currency.

About the products

How can I take care of the fabric products I bought? Can I wash it?

I design & make my products thinking about kids and young families so I try to simplify in order that the pieces are easy to use, take care and maintain their original look.

Regarding the pillows, softies, dolls, bibs and all the products from the printed range with my illustrations:

– You can hand-wash it or even machine-wash it in a gentle cycle and iron it at a low to medium temperature.
(the only exception are the pillows with linen seeds that can not be washed)

Regarding the one-of-a-kind soft toys & dolls:

– gently clean by using a cloth slightly dampened with water or with very mild soap water. Don’t rub vigorously on felt or wool.

Thick felt or products with lavender: you can not wash it.

Although we try to offer high-quality products & take great care making and finishing our products – ensuring that everything is well sewed and secure + the hand closing seams are strong. Due to intensive use, pulling or washing, some wear might happen – so pay close attention to the items before handing them to small children (soft toys should always be used under supervision of an adult).

Art Prints and Originals – should be hang out of direct sun light.

How are the fabric products with illustrations made?

The collection with my illustrations is digitally printed* onto a 100% cotton fabric using water-based dyes.

This kind of technique allows me to have fresh, new and very diversified collections (always made in small batches). I’m able to satisfy larger audiences and practice reasonable prices without having a mass production of my products and putting a little love in each piece since each one is hand-cut & hand sew finished.

When the printing is done, the fabric is hand-cut – things start to gain shape and live – then they are sewed with great care & love in my studio so that they can be quickly sent to their new home – Your home!

* [Digital printing is an environmentally friendly printing technique – it’s cleaner, safer, and usually less wasteful, and less environmentally hazardous than other methods]

How is your production method? And where it’s made?

Almost ALL my materials are sourced locally and everything is printed, hand-cut, hand sewed or with a regular sewing machine (especially with an old Singer – which is the best!), packaged and sent from Lisbon, Portugal.

The products are made in small batches and some are one-of-a-kind pieces made in my Lisbon studio.

I am a certified artisan.

My watercolors are made by me with cold-pressed acid-free papers and I dedicate a lot of time + love to them!

I value authenticity, trust, quality on the details of how things are made and supplies quality are also of the most important to me.


I’m a retailer and woul like to place a wholesale order – how?

I would be delighted to work with your shop! Please visit my Stockists page where you’ll find all the shops that already carry my collections. If you would like just send me an email – A catalog will be sent after. You can also subscribe to my Retailers newsletter.

Do you have a retail store?

At the moment only an online store but PinkNounou products are sold through retailers all over the world – if you wish to see the products “life” and buy locally please take a look at our listed Stockists here.


Do you have a mailing list? Where do I subscribe to receive your Newsletter?

Yes, and I would love to keep in touch with you! so if you want to be up to date with all my new collections and have first-hand sneak-peeks on my newest products, it’s very easy – just sign up for my newsletter here. Thank you!

I can’t find what I’m looking for…

Click here to contact me or send an email – I will do my best to help you!

Do the colors of the textile products, illustrations or other products or artwork look like the images we see online?

I have made every effort to ensure fidelity between the images you see on my site and the final product. However, since the colors you see depend on your computer monitor settings, I cannot guarantee they are 100% accurate.

If I buy a product, print or a piece of original art, can I make a copy? Or resell it?

NO. Never! When you purchase a product, print or a piece of original artwork, you do not purchase the copyright or the right to reproduce the image in any form. You purchase only a physical copy of the image / product. You may not use, sell or copy any images or products for any reason without prior permission, even if the use is noncommercial, not for profit, education, or for your own private use.

If you want to discuss a license permit please contact me: ana@pinknounou.com

Do you take your own photos?

Yes, almost all the photos are taken by me. Some photos I share were taken by others and when possible I always try to credit them.

In this site a few photos were taken by my hubby 🙂 – thank’s dear! The home page photos are from the sweet Raquel Alves – big thank you for the beautiful images!

Other photos are from dear clients or other lovely people I’ve partnered with, like Humphrey & Grace.

Bought one of my products? Or made one of my printables?… Please share your photos with me! I love seeing my products through you!
On Instagram use the hashtag #pinknounoufriends

Have any other questions we didn’t answer?