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my soft toys at WE MAKE DOLLS book





In 2011 I was invited to take part on a book about dolls – you can imagine how happy I was with that!

During several months Jenny Doh and I exchanged several emails – it was a pleasure working with her, she's a sweet and enthusiastic lovely person! It was a lot of work envolved along this process but it all went so smoothly...

We decided on what dolls would be better to be on the book and I started preparing them for the photo shoots – part by part, bit by bit... it all started to develope. I shiped them to Jenny.

And then I made some photo sessions with the help of my most loved helpers ;) - my daughter and my hubby – it was pure fun!

I also had the help of Catarina Zimbarra that took beautiful photos also included on the book. Some of my product photos were also used and I was very pleased with the ones chosen!

The next part was the interview – I happily answered!

Things begin to take shape and... in May 2012 the book was launched.

I'm very proud of WE MAKE DOLLS book – it was the first, it was special and because it was a wonderful experience I hope maybe, who knows... I can be part of another one?...

Thank's Jenny Doh!

The book is available here, here or here.




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