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baby diaper clutch changing pad
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baby diaper clutch changing pad. 24.00€

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This foldable baby diaper changing pad is very practical because it fits so well in your diapers bag. This travel changing pad rolls up and closes with a snap. Its double sided: on one side is made of terry cloth fabric (impermeable on the inside) and on the other has a combination of fabrics and ribbons. The baby diapers changing mat measures: 17,7×26,7 in approximately.
You can also choose a matching bib.

Mudador de fraldas muito práctico porque se dobra e fica num rolo que se prende com uma mola – depois é só guardar na sua mala de bebé . É composto por um lado de tecido turco plastificado no avesso, e do outro uma combinação de tecidos de algodão e fitas dão o toque especial. Mede 45×68 cm aproximadamente.

Dimensions & Weight

45.0 cm - Width
68.0 cm - Height


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