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Autumn doll
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Autumn doll. 24.00€

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Let me introduce you to Autumn doll - a whimsical little girl that loves mushrooms, pumpkins, acorns, orange, the fall leaves and trees - she lives in an enchanted wood and likes to play with her friends.
She will be a great friend for any playfull little girl! Soft, fun, colorful… a special doll to play with or to decorate the nursery room. This doll is made with cotton fabric printed with water based inks and hand assembled with care. Measures 6,7x13,4 in. 
Original illustration by PinkNounou.

Vou apresentar-lhe esta doce menina - a boneca Outono - que adora cogumelos, abóboras, bolotas, a cor de laranja, as folhas de Outono e as árvores - a Outono vive num bosque encantado e adora brincar com os seus amigos.
Ela será concerteza a melhor amiga de brincadeiras da sua criança. Uma boneca feita com tecido de algodão impresso com tintas à base de água, feita à mão com toda a atenção aos detalhes. Ilustrações originais de PinkNounou. 

Dimensions & Weight

17.0 cm - Width
34.0 cm - Height



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