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wool felt - 3mm thick
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wool felt - 3mm thick. 13.00€

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3mm (1/8") thick 100% pure wool felt. This is a soft yet strong and durable material and is anti-static, hypoallergenic and water repellent. Sold in rectangules measuring 11,7x16,6 in. Available in 4 different colors: white, natural, light grey or petrol blue.

Feltro de 100% lã com 3mm de espessura. Este tipo de feltro não só é muito resistente, como também tem propriedades anti-estáticas, hipoalergénicas e repele a água. Vendido em rectângulos de 29,7x42 cm (A3). Disponível em 4 cores: branco, natural, cinzento claro ou azul petróleo.

Dimensions & Weight

29.7 cm - Width
42.0 cm - Height



pillow cover with appliqued tree * brown
pillow cover with appliqued tree * brown

pillow cover with appliqued flower * brown
pillow cover with appliqued flower * brown

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