flax seeds pillow


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flax seeds pillow


Warm and cold flax seeds pillow

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The flax seeds pillows are like warm or cold compresses used to relief tummy pain, baby colics, to comfort the baby or simply to warm the baby bed.
When used cold they are great to relief bumps and “boo-boo’s”, a teeth pain, fever…
Due to is percentage of oils, flax seeds retain heat for much longer and can be re-heated more times.

This price listing is for one pillow with a different design in each side.

Heating: Place the flax seeds pillow in the center of the microwave. The time depends on the microwave power (a 400 Watt to 700 Watt potency is recommended during 60 to 90 seconds) please test it in your microwave an always check temperature before using.
Cooling: Place the flax seeds pillow in a sealed plastic bag, leave it in the freezer for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Flax seeds pillows are handmade in Portugal with lot’s of care + love + happiness

Original illustration by PinkNounou

* Some customs countries (like Australia) usually don’t allow materials like seeds into their country *

Additional information

Weight0,171 kg
Dimensions13 × 11,5 cm

Cotton fabric, Flax seeds

Care instructions

Do not wash.


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